Lieu Maison Pour Tous - Salle des Rancy -> 249, rue Vendôme, Lyon 3

Entrée libre et gratuite Date 6 & 7 avril de 10h à 18h

Accès Métro B Place Guichard ou Métro D Saxe Gambetta

Code of conduct

Les Journées du Logiciel Libre (refered to as "JdLL", standing for free software days) is an event open to everyone and owned by no one.
Whether you’re an amateur, expert, professional, hobbyist or just curious, there’s a place for you in this weekend long event. Here are our house rules:

Principles of free software

The JdLL, and its participants, are committed to promoting the four freedoms defined by the Free Software Foundation.

Rules of good conduct

Our event is also based on four principles, to be respected by the visitors and the speakers. Anyone with comments or behaviour that contradict the code of conduct may be excluded from the JdLL, at the discretion of the organisers.

Inclusion :

Emancipation :


Contribution :